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A-Z Quick Reference Card (English)

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Diese A-Z Karte aus der "Essential Knowledge Series" enthält Informationen und Rezepte für die 50 häufigsten Beschwerden. Sie ist ein perfektes Handout für Interessenten und Neukunden, die erste Erfahrungen mit ätherischen Ölen sammeln. Wenn Sie noch mehr Informationen bieten möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen das passende The Basics & A-Z Mini Guide.


These delightfully designed quick reference A-Z cards are an excellent introduction to how to use essential oils for 50 common ailments. They are the perfect handout for new and potential customers to give them just enough information on how to make the most of essential oils they have purchased or are sampling. This is a superb preparatory education card to investing in a book.

On the front of the Quick Reference A-Z Card you’ll find essential oil usage information, followed by 50 common ailment on the inside and on the back there’s dilution and safety information – everything you need to get started.

If you’re looking for that next step and want to provide more information then we recommend the 72 page booklet called The Basics & A-Z Mini Guide with over 250 ailments, single oils and blends section along with a heap of other valuable starter information. Review the content on the link to decide which material is best to suit your needs.



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