Abreißblock Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Sheet Mit 25 Seiten (English) Berater

Abreißblock "Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Sheet" mit 25 Seiten (English)

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Abreißblock "Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Sheet" mit 25 Seiten (English)

This do-it-yourself recipe sheet is a great resource for making custom oil sprays to use in the home or office. Divided into body, room, pillow, and cleaning sprays, this sheet provides recipes and recommended application instructions for 60ml spray bottles of 10 homemade blends. There is also space on the back of the sheet for your personal notes.

Recipe sheets are great for giving as class handouts or with samples. (Our Do-It-Yourself Oil Spray Labels work perfectly to help you identify your different sprays or prepare bottles of the same spray as gifts.)

Sprays: Calm-Me-Down Body Spray, Holiday Spice Room Spray, Lavender Linen Pillow Spray, Lift-Me-Up Body Spray, Odour Eliminator Room Spray, Passion Body Spray, Refreshing Room Spray, Slim-and-Trim Body Spray, Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray, and #2 Toilet Spray.

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