Essential Feminine Wisdom (English) English Books
Essential Feminine Wisdom (English) English Books

Essential Feminine Wisdom (English)

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Essential Feminine Wisdom (English)

Do you ever feel like you are out of control of your body - physically and emotionally? Do you wonder why some weeks you ‘have it together’ and other weeks you are ‘falling apart’? Do you berate yourself for not ‘being consistent’? In short, have you lost touch, or perhaps have never even known the wonders of your cyclical nature, and all the wonders that come with being a woman?

We wanted to bring this book to you because having learnt this information ourselves, and now having between us taught it to many hundreds of women, we know the relief and awe that comes with the knowledge.

Essential Feminine Wisdom goes back to the foundations, teaching you about your innate connection to nature, and how your body, regardless of where you are in life, mirrors the cycles of the earth. With the intention, with the remembering of the wisdom of our ancestors, and the growth of love and respect (that so many of us have never known) for our bodies, that will come with what we teach you, you will be able to connect to your body in a way you may never have imagined, and teach those who follow you to do the same.

Of course, this is all wrapped up with advice on how to use the gifts from nature, in the form of pure essential oils, to support you as you journey down this path. We cannot wait for you to join us on the adventure.

About the Authors:

Entrepreneur and mother of 2, Rochelle Hubbard is passionate about women’s health and helping women write their own stories of liberation. Rochelle offers 31 day cleanses & programs to help awake female energy.

As a Women’s Health Practitioner & Cyclical Living Coach, Adele Wimsett loves to empower women with tools to live an optimised life. Adele runs a busy practice offering consultations, retreats, circles and bespoke treatments.

Die passende "Essential Feminine Wisdom" Karte finden Sie hier. Sie ist eine perfekte Schnellreferenz mit allen wichtigen Informationen auf einen Blick. Die Karte ist auch ein super Lehrmaterial für eine Öl-Seminar.


Author: Rochelle Hubbard, Adele Wimsett

Edition: Spiralbound, Softcover, English, 93 Pages, 2021
Size and Weight: 21.5 × 21 × 1.5 cm, 404 g


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