Essential Oils For Emotional Healing Card (English) English Cards

Essential Oils for Emotional Healing Card (English)

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Essential Oils for Emotional Healing Card (English)

Part of the "Essential Knowledge Series", these rack cards are an ideal quick reference guide containing suggested essential oils and blend recipes for emotional healing. These education cards have been developed with Trish Nash, author of "Emotional Healing with Essential Oils : A journey of self discovery".

They can be used stand alone as you discover personally what emotional healing is, how essential oils work on an emotional healing level and then there are three beautiful blends to create yourself : Acknowledgement Blend, Forgiveness Blend and Release Blend.

Alternatively these cards could be used as an educational tool alongside Trish's book which you can review here, and the accompanying tear pad here. Use this collection to present a class on emotional healing and equip your attendees with all they need to progress through their personal emotional healing journey through the conscious and subconscious mind to uncover the inner workings of your their true selves.

What about gifting these cards or using as an accompaniment to a welcome kit, using as a bookmark or display on a stand or stall. Or why not insert a selection of our rack cards to a welcome kit for new oilers, or gift to downline or friends who might need support with their emotions.



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