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Sale: Meine Ölfibel - 2nd Edition (English)

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Sale: "Meine Ölfibel" 2nd Edition (2020)

This manual helps you to get to know essential oils for the first time and is intended to encourage you to gradually expand your knowledge. The descriptions come from the sources mentioned in the book and have been confirmed by users' own experience. It is a useful reference with a lot of basic information, especially for new users of essential oils.

"I have been using pure, therapeutic oils in my family for many years and it enriches our lives in different ways. The application methods described in this book, based on my own experiences and reports from hundreds of users, can give you an initial insight into the mode of action of pure essential oils. The best advisor is and always will be your own experience." - Christian Neudel-Volé

Publisher: IT Works Ltd.
Eidition: 2020, 2nd Edition, Softcover, English, 320 Pages
Size and Weight: 11.5 x 18 x 1.8 cm, 396 g

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