Treasures Within Emotions & Essential Oil Affirmation Cards (English) English

Treasures Within Emotions & Essential Oil Affirmation Cards (English)

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Combine the power of essential oils with our beautifully illustrated deck of 30 “essential affirmation” cards, translated into Italian,  to deepen the connection with your true self, help open your heart and mind, and release emotions,  creating positive changes within. These cards, their sentiments, and corresponding essential oils, are intended to accompany you on your journey towards your innermost desires.

We produced these cards in conjunction with +Positive Polly, a Healing Practitioner with a zest for life. Polly’s positive thinking and desire to share her love of affirmations to uplift and edify others brought us together to produce “Treasures Within”, we know you’ll love this set and it will serve you well.

Included in this boxed set is a sheet of labels to adhere to roller or spray bottles. Create your own personal blend to support specific emotions based on the oils of your choice from the emotions cards you are particularly drawn to.

Die Affirmationskarten auf Deutsch gibt es hier.

  • 30 Emotion & Öl Karten (auf Englisch)
  • 3 Anweisungskarten
  • 4 Aufkleber für Roll-On Flaschen auf Englisch (2x 10 ml & 2x 5 ml) inkl. Deckelaufkleber

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