I Am Magnetic (English) English Books
I Am Magnetic (English) English Books

I am Magnetic (English)

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I am Magnetic by Desiree Mangandog & Alonto Mangandog (English)

You need more money, and that’s a good thing!

Are you beyond sick and tired of dealing with “money stress?” Have you worried about money for as long as you can remember? You deserve to radically change your money story! You deserve to feel and grow rich.

This book is like no other money book. Desiree and Alonto walk you thorugh a hands-on process to shift your energetic patterns and access the “sweet spot” for wealth creation. To change your money story, you must change the thoughts, emotions and frequencies you carry towards it. With the use of essential oils, you can release shame, clear doubts and fears, and break through stagnant energies that constrict money flow.

You are a brilliant person. You deserve to have a dignified relationship with money.

The “I Am Magnetic” process:

  • Identifies your values.
  • Clarifies your direction.
  • Increases confidence and self-worth.
  • Improves decision-making skills.
  • Creates sustainable growth.

Let’s feel and grow rich in every way!

If you are tired of feeling anchored down, blocked, stuck, in a rut, and wonder why money isn't flowing abundantly to you as it seems to, to those around you, you NEED to dive into "I am Magnetic". You will discover so much about yourself you never even knew was holding you back.

If you’d like a roller bottle label to accompany the blend recipe contained in the book, they can be purchased here.

Ein Roll-On-Flaschen-Label, passend zum Buch, findest du hier.

Author: Desiree Mangandog & Alonto Mangandog
Edition: 2019, Softcover, English, 157 Pages
Size and Weight: 22 × 15.5 × 1.5 cm, 344 g
ISBN: 978-1732705951

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